KURT Information security and data recovery Plc., the developer of the SeCube system, is a leading information security expert in Hungary, successfully delivering risk analysis and operation continuity projects for its Clients for several decades.

The stable corporate background, together with an extensive portfolio, guarantee the permanent and high quality maintenance of the company’s services for software support and monitoring. KURT Plc. continuously develops the SeCube product based on user feedback, project experience, and information security trends, and it releases updates as part of its product support service. SeCube has many satisfied and active references from both private and public sectors.

    KURT Information security and data recovery Plc.

    H- 1118 Budapest
    Retkoz st. 5.
    BudaWest Office IV. FL

    Tel: +36 1 424 6666

    Mobil: + 36 70 477 2020

    Fax: +36 1 228 5414


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